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Episode 04 – The Nativity of Our Lord

There have always been questions about the birth of Jesus Christ, ranging from the virginity of Mary – to the number of Magi – to whether or not Jesus had brothers and sisters. Dr. Saleska addresses these and other questions in Christ in Every Word ‘s Christmas podcast.

Episode 03 – The Centrality of the Cross

Beginning with Luther’s insights concerning “Christ in Every Word” Dr. Saleska explores the central role of the cross of Christ within the Scriptures, moving toward an understanding of how the righteousness of God and the needs of the sinner are met at the cross.

Episode 02 – Christ in the Old Testament

In this, the second Concordia Bible Institute Podcast, Dr. Saleska continues the examination of “Christ in Every Word” by looking to the Old Testament, and the way in which the Old Testament’s witness to Christ is validated in the New Testament Scriptures.

Episode 01 – Christ in Every Word

Listen to “Christ in Every Word,” a thirty minute podcast with Dr. John Saleska and host Dr. John W. Oberdeck. In this initial podcast Drs. Saleska and Oberdeck introduce the Concordia Bible Institute, and begin a discussion on what is meant by the CBI tag line – “Christ in Every Word.”