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Episode 81 – Exodus 16 with Dr. Saleska

Having just be rescued from the clutches of Pharoah by miraculuous intervention, and expressing their joy through song for their deliverance, the Children of Israel begin to complain. How will God respond? Join Dr. Saleska has he explains God’s merciful response.

Episode 76 – Exodus 11-12 with Dr. Saleska

In Chapters 11 and 12 of Exodus preparation is made for the 10th Plague, which later receives the name of “Passover.” In today’s session Dr. Saleska explores the deep connections between the passover lamb, and the “Lamb who takes away the sin fo the world” – Jesus Christ.

Episode 74 – Exodus 10 Part 1 with Dr. Saleska

Dr. Saleska explains the significance of the “Name” of God and how that plays into Pharaoh’s refusal to let the people go. Also, please note there was an error in posting Podcast 73, and that has now been corrected. If you noticed that 73 was a repeat of 72, you were correct. That has now been updated so that you have Exodus Chapters 8 and 9 for your listening pleasure.

Episode 71 – Exodus 6 with Dr. Saleska

Of what significance is the name of God? Why does Moses continue to question is own ability as God’s chosen instrument to lead the people out of Egypt? These and other questions are explored by Dr. Saleska as Exodus 6 is studied in-depth in the “Christ in Every Word” podcast.