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Episode 94 – Exodus 33 with Dr. Saleska

We have the most interesting conversation going on in Exodus 33 – Moses speaking with God, and God making promises regarding his “presence” with Moses. Listen as Dr. Saleska explains the nature of this presence, and how we also receive this presence today.

Episode 91 – Exodus 28-29 with Dr. Saleska

Why should the dress of the High Priest be of such importance? What does it say about Jesus Christ and his righteousness with which believers are clothed? And what are the Urim and the Thummin? Dr. Saleska will explain all in this podcast.

Episode 89 – Exodus 25 Part 2 with Dr. Saleska

Listen as Dr. Saleska explains the significance of each of the tabernacle furnishings; the altar, the lavar, the tabel of showbread, the candelabra, the altar of incense, and finally the ark of the covenant with its precious mercy seat.

Episode 88 – Exodus 25 Part 1 with Dr. Saleska

God is about to give Moses very detailed instructions concerning the construction of the tabernacle, and the furnishing with which it will be supplied. But before God reveals the worship setting for ancient Israel, a few other matters must be handled. Dr. Saleska takes us through this preparation in Podcast 88.

Episode 84 – Exodus 20 Part 1 with Dr. Saleska

In Exodus 19 the people are prepared for the great event, and in Exodus 20 it happens; God gives to Moses the Ten Commandments. Dr. John Saleska explains their significance for the Children of Israel and for us today.

Episode 81 – Exodus 16 with Dr. Saleska

Having just be rescued from the clutches of Pharoah by miraculuous intervention, and expressing their joy through song for their deliverance, the Children of Israel begin to complain. How will God respond? Join Dr. Saleska has he explains God’s merciful response.