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Episode 212 – 1 Samuel 15 with Dr. Saleska

We’ve reached a pivotal point in the book of 1 Samuel: Israel’s first king is rejected by the Lord, and the Lord regrets that he ever made him king in the first place!  Click here to listen to Dr. Saleska’s reflections on this fascinating chapter of God’s word.

Episode 211 – Seven Biblical Themes with Dr. Paavola

In this episode we’re pleased to have a special guest, Dr. Dan Paavola, join our “Christ in Every Word” podcast to talk about seven biblical themes.  Click here to listen to some of Dr. Paavola’s great insights about the Bible and how relevant they remain to our lives now.

Episode 209 – Psalm 132 with Dr. German

Psalm 132 begins with a prayer regarding David and Zion and ends with a fascinating promise by the Lord.  Click here to listen to Dr. German reflect on how this psalm is a rich testimony to the person and work of Christ.

Episode 208 – 1 Samuel 13 with Dr. Saleska

Saul’s first big blunder happens in 1 Samuel 13, as we learn more and more that he’s just not a man after God’s own heart.  Click here to listen to Dr. Saleska’s Christ-centered thoughts on this turning point in 1 Samuel.

Episode 206 – The Book of Hebrews with Dr. Tomesch

In this episode we are pleased to have a special guest podcast with Dr. Harald Tomesch on the book of Hebrews.  Click here to learn some great insights about how Hebrews speaks about the person and work of Christ.

Episode 205 – 1 Samuel 11 with Dr. Saleska

Saul has been anointed king and publicly acknowledged as king, but now it’s time to battle!  Click here to listen to Dr. Saleska’s Christ-centered interpretation of Saul’s victory over the Ammonites in 1 Samuel 11.

Episode 203 – Psalm 127 with Dr. German

In this episode we study one of the two psalms in the Psalter that has Solomon’s name in the title: Psalm 127.  Click here for Dr. German’s reflection on this short but popular psalm that mentions the blessings of having a quiver full of children.

Episode 202 – 1 Samuel 10 with Dr. Saleska

It’s time to anoint Saul as the first king of Israel, but that’s not the only thing that happens as he begins his reign.  Click here to listen to Dr. Saleska walk us through 1 Samuel 10, especially the intriguing proverb, “Is Saul also among the prophets?” (1 Sam. 10:11-12).