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Episode 290 – Martin Luther’s 95 Theses

Have you ever read all of the 95 theses, or at least wondered what they’re about?  Click here as Dr. German walks us through five themes in Luther’s thinking throughout this famous document in the history of the church.

Episode 286 – 2 Samuel 24 with Dr. German (+In Memoriam+ Dr. Saleska)

In this episode we conclude our study of the book of 2 Samuel by looking at its last chapter through the lens of what Dr. Saleska has taught us so faithfully over the years.

Episode 283 – 2 Samuel 22 Part 1 with Dr. Saleska

After a quick recap of chapter 21, Dr. Saleska reflects on some of the fascinating ways that David’s lengthy psalm of praise in chapter 22 bears witness to the person and work of Christ. Check it out!

Episode 280 – Romans 3 Part 1 with Dr. German

If the Jews can’t rely on the law and circumcision (see the last episode on Romans 2), how does Paul understand their special status in the history of salvation?  Click here for more of our roaming through Romans!