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Pentateuch DVD

The Concordia Bible Institute is pleased to present Eden to Everlasting: Christ-Centered Reflections on the Pentateuch.  This DVD, which consists of three separate discs, offers ten thirty-minute lectures on the first five books of the Bible by Dr. Brian German, director of the Concordia Bible Institute.  Click below for a brief preview! The ten lectures cover the…

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Like a Pelting Rain: The Making of the Modern Mind

Like a Pelting Rain: The Making of the Modern Mind by Roland Cap Ehlke When it comes to analyzing today’s culture, people talk about politics, economics, and even morals. Like a Pelting Rain goes deeper and looks at the spiritual condition of western civilization. Few understand the depth of society’s malaise—as if the present situation…

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Brian German Accepts Call to Concordia University Wisconsin – Will Direct the Concordia Bible Institute

Brian German has accepted the call from Concordia University Wisconsin to serve in a dual capacity; as a member of the theology faculty and as Director of the Concordia Bible Institute. German will succeed Rev. Dr. John Saleska as the director. Dr. Saleska is the founding director for the institute, and will continue his service…

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