August eBulletin


  • Ginny Valleau says:

    How do I search the podcasts? For example I want to know if you have done a teaching on a certain book or the Bible.

    How can I find out without paying through all the podcasts?

    Thanks for your help.

    • Tina Jacoby says:

      Great question! Our website has a search box in the upper right hand corner of any page. Just type the word or words you are looking for in this box and press enter. A list will come up with all the places that word or words have appeared on our website. This list will be a collection of many things, like podcasts, events, etc. that may have had that word used in their content. Hopefully this gives you a direction to start your search.

      Blessings on your day!
      Tina Jacoby
      Concordia Bible Institute

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